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Online Real-Time Wholesale Auction

Our online auction allows dealers to wholesale vehicles instantly by listing them to a trusted marketplace. Within minutes dealers can receive bids from qualified dealers allowing them sell trades quickly and efficiently. A natural evolution in the dealer-to-dealer space, our online auction makes it easy for dealers to wholesale trade-ins from anywhere.


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Marketplace Syndication & Social Sharing

OTOGO is connected to all major used car marketplaces, established classifieds, and all social networks making it the fastest tool to get your cars listed. List your vehicles with just a few clicks.

Looking for an easier way to share vehicle listings? All vehicle listings can be shared via OTOMATIC.CA, unique public-facing landing pages dedicated to expanding your reach. Contact us to find out more.



OTOGO at a glance

OTOGO is a leading end-to-end marketplace for buying and selling pre-owned vehicles. We address today's wholetailing needs, a market space where the boundaries between wholesale trading and vehicle retailing has become blurry.

Our online platform-as-a-service facilitates the provisioning and selling process enabling dealers to sell more in less time. Our tools are built to enable buyers and sellers to better manage the risk associated with buying and selling pre owned vehicles.

Our primary objective is to enable dealers to spend less time turning their inventory. We do this by building software that empowers its users, we leverage partnerships that allow for rapid change, and finally, we rely on business intelligence best practices to identify relevant data that optimizes conversions. Get in touch with us, we'd love to work with your team.


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